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The Most Sought-After Ice Cream Flavors in America

Find out what kind of dairy treat your state is craving this summer.

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It’s officially what the common people refer to as “peak summer,” aka the part of July when sweat is an accessory and eggs are supposed to fry on the sidewalk (we will never stop trying). This heat of a season is a sign that it’s also officially National Ice Cream Month. That’s right, an entire month dedicated to one of the greatest desserts in the history of desserts. National Ice Cream Month calls for the good stuff: the cold, creamy, full-dairy pints we dream about when the temperature strikes above 85 degrees. The question is, do Americans really love ice cream so much to dedicate an entire month to it? The other question is, is that even a question?

WorkWise recently discovered the United States’ undeniable obsession with ice cream due to their flavor-filled search histories, and clearly, dairy is on the brain. From coast to coast and state to state, there’s so much to celebrate in the variety of flavors atop our cones. Still, a winner must be crowned. According to WorkWise’s data, the most popular (and therefore, most beloved) ice cream concoction in America is the classic and aptly named Cookies and Cream. We can’t argue a perfectly balanced combo of our two favorite food groups: dairy and dessert.

Find out which ice cream your state loves the most below, and celebrate National Ice Cream Month with a cone of your own. I scream, you scream — you get the gist.

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