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You can run, but you can’t drive (high)

Why impaired driving is much more dangerous than you might think.

This advertising content was produced in collaboration between Vox Creative and our sponsor, without involvement from Vox Media editorial staff.

You’re running for your life. Sprinting through a dark and dense forest with no idea where you are or how you’ll escape. You’re bruised and disheveled, but the adrenaline gives you the strength and endurance to push on. Lurking behind you and quickly gaining ground is your worst nightmare: a masked murderer wielding nothing but an old, splintered axe. His cold, dead eyes scan the dark for any hint of your presence.

Finally, there’s hope! You find your truck at the gas station where you left it. Without hesitation you jump in and search for the keys – in your terror, you can’t remember where you hid them. Finally! They’re in the visor! You’re saved! The killer is steps away, but it no longer matters. You have a truck! But just as you’re about to turn on the ignition you stop. You can’t drive. You’re high.

When you consume marijuana, you feel different. And when you feel different, you drive different – you’re driving impaired. Studies have shown that the use of marijuana slows both driver reaction and response time, making it extremely dangerous and illegal to operate a vehicle.

That’s why Vox Creative, the Ad Council and NHTSA have partnered to spread the message that it’s illegal to drive high. We aren’t condemning — or promoting — the use of marijuana. We’re just providing a friendly reminder that it’s dangerous and illegal to drive impaired. Even if you’re being chased by a masked killer with an axe: “You can run, but you can’t drive...high.”