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Why do we take photos in front of waterfalls?

This is the origin story of the all-too-common social media waterfall pic (yeah, you know the one).

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This is the first episode of Travelgrams, a four-part series that dives deep into the unexpected (and totally made up) origin stories of social media photo trends. Check out the second episode on food pics here, the third episode on the “looking away” pic here, and the last episode on the “lounging legs” pic here.

The waterfall pic: You’ve seen it on your feeds. You’ve hate-liked it. You’ve probably even taken it yourself. But have you ever stopped scrolling to ask, Who was the first person to take that pic? Lucky for you, we did.

The classic travelgram traces back to Kelly and Craig, a couple who just so happened to stumble upon a beautiful waterfall during their vacation in Costa Rica. And just like that, the travel game changed forever. Hate-likers were inspired to book their own trips and post their own waterfall pics. Waterfall experts were left speechless, and the rest is history.

So the next time you see a friend’s photo in front of waterfall, remember this before you hate-like it — there’s more to a travel pic than meets the eye. Watch the video above for the whole story.

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