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How to live outdoors (and enjoy your favorite TV shows on the road)

Being remote doesn’t mean that you can’t keep bingeing on your favorite shows — here’s how these three outdoor enthusiasts do it.

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If your dream is to pack up your life into an RV — or an oyster boat— this is the inspiration you need to take the leap. Meet Leah Young and Brennan Hamil, blueberry farmers by trade and RV enthusiasts in their spare time, Rachel Precious, an aquaculture biologist and oyster farmer, and Justin Bailey, an outdoor educator, who spend most of their lives on the road (or out on the sea). When they’re not exploring the great outdoors, you can find them at their homestead, with some of the comforts of modern life. Like with XPS 13 featuring Dell Cinema, for example: a laptop made not just for work, but for watching movies and TV shows on the go, with faster streaming, vivid color and quality sound. After all, why not bring the quality of the movie theater with you wherever you go?

See how these three adventurers stay connected (and up-to-date on their shows) — learn more about the Dell XPS 13 here and start streaming.