Live results September 11

By Ella Nilsen, Kavya Sukumar, Ryan Mark, Zac Freeland and Amanda Northrop

New Hampshire voters are picking nominees in the Democratic primary for governor on Tuesday, as well as choosing candidates in an open House race in the state’s First Congressional District.

Molly Kelly defeated Steve Marchand in a bid to run against popular Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, who is facing his first reelection since taking office in 2016. New Hampshire had been led by Democratic governors for 12 years until Sununu won in 2016 — and Democrats want it back.

There’s also a massive field of candidates running in the race for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, after Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter announced she is retiring this year. Chris Pappas, a young, openly gay candidate emerged from a field of eleven Democrats. Eddie Edwards defeated the four other Republicans competing for the nomination on their side.

Polls closed at 8 pm ET. Live results are below, powered by Decision Desk.

New Hampshire governor primary

Democratic Primary

Updated Sep 12, 2018, 9:26am EDT
Molly Kelly 77,193 66%
Steve Marchand 39,735 34%
270 of 297 (91%) precincts reporting , 116,928 total votes

New Hampshire has a long history as a purple state, and Chris Sununu is the Granite State’s first Republican governor in 12 years. State Sen. Molly Kelly emerged from the primary to challenge Sununu in November. Democrats badly want to flip Sununu’s seat this year, but it will probably be tough as the governor has an approval rating of 61 percent, per an August poll from the University of New Hampshire.

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New Hampshire First Congressional District

Democratic Primary

Updated Sep 12, 2018, 9:26am EDT
Chris Pappas 26,770 43%
Maura Sullivan 18,686 30%
Mindi Messmer 5,849 9%
Naomi Andrews 4,361 7%
Other 6,694 11%
Lincoln Soldati 1,936 3%
Deaglan McEachern 1,680 3%
Levi Sanders 1,125 2%
Mark MacKenzie 755 1%
Terence O'Rourke 652 1%
Paul Cardinal 317 1%
William Martin 229 0%
109 of 113 (96%) precincts reporting , 62,360 total votes

With the exit of Carol Shea-Porter, there’s a massive 11-person Democratic primary shaping up to replace her. Chris Pappas, a young, openly gay, popular executive councilor, has been seen as a rising star — and he emerged as the winner on Tuesday. He defeated Maura Sullivan, an Emily’s List-backed veteran who served in the Obama administration and who recently moved to New Hampshire to run for this seat.

Pappas also defeated Levi Sanders, son of the famous Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who still hasn’t gotten his dad’s endorsement, who garnered a less-than-inspiring number of votes.

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Republican Primary

Updated Sep 12, 2018, 9:26am EDT
Eddie Edwards 22,999 48%
Andy Sanborn 19,896 42%
Andy Martin 2,067 4%
Michael Callis 1,244 3%
Jeffory Denaro 945 2%
Bruce Crochetiere 759 2%
109 of 113 (96%) precincts reporting , 47,910 total votes

There’s another large field in the Republican primary. Eddie Edwards emerged from a nasty fight with Andy Sanborn. Sanborn has been accused of making inappropriate and sexually suggestive comments to a former state House intern, which has a lot of New Hampshire Republicans questioning his character and lining up behind Edwards.

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