Midterms Live results

By Li Zhou and Ryan Mark

Vermont results for every midterm race

Vermont could see a historic win in the state’s gubernatorial race if Christine Hallquist, the country’s first openly transgender candidate for governor, emerges victorious on Tuesday. Hallquist has made a long-shot bid to take on Phil Scott, a popular incumbent who’s gotten flack from Republicans after he moved to strengthen gun control measures in the state.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (an independent who caucuses with Democrats) is up for reelection, though he’s expected to hang onto his seat easily in a race against Republican Lawrence Zupan. Sanders — whose victory is all but assured — has spent much of his time leading up to the midterms campaigning for progressive Democrats in other states.

In an interesting twist, H. Brooke Paige, a business executive and recurring Republican candidate, won the Republican primary in six of Vermont’s statewide races, including the nominations for US House and Senate. Paige has since withdrawn from five of the six races and is vying solely for the secretary of state slot.

On the House front, incumbent Democrat Rep. Peter Welch will go up against Anya Tynio, a first-time candidate.

Vermont’s state Legislature is held by Democrats, and every seat in both chambers is on the ballot today. Daily Kos rates the Legislature as safe for Democrats to keep.

It is perhaps unsurprising that Sanders’ adopted home state would be one of the most fervent anti-Trump strongholds; Morning Consult shows the president’s disapproval rating here at more than 60 percent.

Vermont US Senate

Updated Nov 19, 2018, 5:11pm EST
IND Bernie Sanders 183,663 67%
GOP Lawrence Zupan 74,819 27%
IND Brad Peacock 3,787 1%
IND Russell Beste 2,763 1%
IND Edward Gilbert, Jr. 2,244 1%
IND Folasade Adeluola 1,979 1%
IND Jon Svitavsky 1,292 0%
OTH Reid Kane (Liberty Union Party) 1,171 0%
IND Bruce Busa 914 0%
275 of 275 (100%) precincts reporting, 272,632 total votes

Vermont US House 1

Updated Nov 19, 2018, 5:11pm EST
DEM Peter Welch 188,556 69%
GOP Anya Tynio 70,708 26%
OTH Cris Ericson (U.S. Marijuana Party Party) 9,114 3%
OTH Laura Potter (Liberty Union Party) 3,924 1%
275 of 275 (100%) precincts reporting, 272,302 total votes

Vermont Governor

Updated Nov 19, 2018, 5:11pm EST
GOP Phil Scott 151,271 55%
DEM Christine Hallquist 110,339 40%
IND Trevor Barlow 3,266 1%
IND Charles Laramie 2,288 1%
IND Cris Ericson 2,129 1%
OTH Stephen Marx (Earth Rights Party) 1,855 1%
OTH Emily Peyton (Liberty Union Party) 1,841 1%
275 of 275 (100%) precincts reporting, 272,989 total votes