Midterms Live results

By Dylan Scott and Ryan Mark

Montana results for every midterm race

Montana has seen a relatively sleepy 2018 midterms so far, but the mountain state with a stubbornly purple hue could still deliver a couple of surprises on Tuesday.

Democratic Sen. Jon Tester is running for reelection against Republican state lawmaker Matt Rosendale in the state’s marquee race. Tester has looked strong throughout the year, sporting solid approval ratings in the state.

But Tester’s kerfuffle earlier this year with Donald Trump, over the president’s since-withdrawn nominee Ronny Jackson to lead the Veterans Affairs Department, has narrowed the race. Tester is the favorite to win, and he must if Democrats are to have any hope of retaking the Senate. But a Rosendale victory can’t be ruled out in a state that Trump won by 21 points.

The race for the at-large House seat between Rep. Greg Gianforte — the Republican who won a special election last year despite assaulting a reporter — and Democrat Kathleen Williams is also worth watching. Williams has been a strong fundraiser, and while Gianforte is slightly favored, he does not have a strong incumbency advantage after just one year in the House.

Montana’s state legislature is dominated by Republicans, and Daily Kos says that is unlikely to change today, when half the seats in the state Senate and all of the seats in the House of Representatives will be on the ballot.

Morning Consult has found that President Trump remains popular in Big Sky Country, with half the voters here approving of his job performance.

Montana US Senate

Updated Nov 19, 2018, 5:11pm EST
DEM Jon Tester 246,291 50%
GOP Matt Rosendale 230,973 47%
LIB Rick Breckenridge 13,981 3%
682 of 682 (100%) precincts reporting, 491,245 total votes

Montana US House 1

Updated Nov 19, 2018, 5:11pm EST
GOP Greg Gianforte 251,290 51%
DEM Kathleen Williams 226,241 46%
LIB Elinor Swanson 13,917 3%
669 of 669 (100%) precincts reporting, 491,448 total votes

Montana State Referendum Initiative 185

Updated Nov 19, 2018, 5:11pm EST
No 258,714 53%
Affirmative 230,167 47%
682 of 682 (100%) precincts reporting, 488,881 total votes