Midterms Live results

By Andrew Prokop and Ryan Mark

Alaska results for every midterm election race

Update: Republican Mike Dunleavy elected governor.

For Congress, the only race in Alaska is Republican Rep. Don Young’s effort to win a 24th term in office. Young’s challenger is Alyse Galvin, an education advocate who identifies as an independent but won the Democratic primary. Young is viewed as the favorite, but this could be the toughest challenge he’s faced in years.

When it comes to state politics, though, it’s Republicans who hope to make gains.

The governor’s race pits Sen. Mike Dunleavy (R) versus former US Sen. Mark Begich (D) — with the twist that incumbent Gov. Bill Walker (I), who suspended his campaign and endorsed Begich on October, will still be on the ballot. Walker joined forces with Democrats to win the race four years ago, but after a tumultuous term and a poor performance in polls, he decided to throw in the towel.

Meanwhile, the Alaska state House is currently run by an odd coalition of Democrats and a few breakaway Republicans and independents. So Republicans, who already dominate the state Senate, hope they can win a House majority outright tonight. Alaska is believed to be one of the GOP’s best opportunities to take over full control of a state’s government.

Trump’s favorability in Alaska has fallen a bit since his inauguration, and the latest polling from Morning Consult shows him ahead on favorability by just a few points.

Alaska US House 1

Updated Nov 19, 2018, 5:11pm EST
GOP Don Young 123,173 54%
DEM Alyse Galvin 103,755 46%
390 of 442 (88%) precincts reporting, 226,928 total votes

Alaska Governor

Updated Nov 19, 2018, 5:11pm EST
GOP Mike Dunleavy 120,673 53%
DEM Mark Begich 98,885 43%
IND Bill Walker 4,493 2%
LIB William Toien 4,151 2%