Gifts for foodies

There are many ways to cook. But the Vox way (and, dare I say, the correct way) is to nerd out about it, to apply the full power of modern science and technology to heat and time to create deliciousness in ways that far transcend grandma's old recipe book. —Matthew Yglesias

Anova precision cooker

This device clamps onto any pot’s edge to create a water bath that will stay precisely at one temperature. Why? For cooking sous vide, a technique beloved by restaurants for perfectly cooked steaks and slow-cooked classics.

KitchenAid electric kettle

If you're boiling water for your tea or French press coffee, then (unless you live at high altitude) your water is too hot. That’s why you need a kettle like this one to heat water to whatever temperature you like.

The Food Lab

On some level, it's not the gear you have, it's knowing how to use it. And there’s no better science-oriented cookbook than this one from Serious Eats's Kenji López-Alt, which offers great recipes and explains what goes into them.

Presto Tilt’nDrain electric griddle

Sure, you could cook your eggs over "medium-high" heat, whatever that means. Or you could set a precise temperature with an electric griddle. This model's "Tilt’nDrain" feature helps control the mess, too.

On Food and Cooking

Harold McGee's classic of culinary science is ideal for both cooking- and science-interested people. First issued in 1984 and revised several times since, this book has inspired a whole generation of culinary geeks.

Premana professional 36 cm knife

Okay, this 14-inch knife is just awesome. It’s freaking huge. It's well-made. The owner's friends will shower him with compliments. And if not, they’ll pretend to be impressed out of sheer terror.

Speed read thermometer

There are a lot of fun tricks to tell when something’s done cooking. There’s also the correct way: a thermometer. With this quick-check model, you get your reading fast.

Vitamix 5200 blender

The obvious question is why this blender is so heavy and expensive. But that's like asking why a car is so much heavier and more expensive than a bicycle. (It has a great big, powerful motor to drive the blades!)

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