Live results September 6

By Ella Nilsen, Kavya Sukumar, Ryan Mark and Amanda Northrop

Delaware is the place of the latest showdown between the Democratic establishment and the left — this time over a US Senate seat. This time, the establishment emerged victorious.

Three-term incumbent Democratic Sen. Tom Carper, a former governor who’s been in the Senate since 2001, is up for reelection, and he rarely faces a serious primary challenger.

This year, squared off against Kerri Evelyn Harris, a community activist and veteran who has national progressive groups excited — and won easily. Carper is known for being a centrist Democrat who represents a state where pharmaceutical companies, credit card companies, and other financial institutions have an outsize presence. Rob Arlett won a three-way Republican race to run against Carper in November.

Delaware is a blue enough state that Carper will almost certainly win.

Polls closed at 8 pm ET. Live results are below, powered by Decision Desk.

Delaware US Senate primary


Thomas Carper 7,242 64%
Kerri Harris 4,033 36%
65 of 65 precincts reporting

New Castle

Thomas Carper 35,327 63%
Kerri Harris 20,540 37%
215 of 215 precincts reporting


Thomas Carper 11,064 70%
Kerri Harris 4,833 30%
73 of 73 precincts reporting

Democratic Primary

Thomas Carper 53,633 65%
Kerri Harris 29,406 35%
353 of 353 (100%) precincts reporting , 83,039 total votes

A normally sleepy primary for US Senate in Delaware has been shaken up this year, as 71-year-old Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) faced a challenge from progressive candidate Kerri Evelyn Harris. Harris is an Air Force veteran, a community activist, and a woman of color who identifies as queer. It was uphill battle for her; she has far less money and is polling well behind Carper. He ultimately emerged victorious.

Why this race matters
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Republican Primary

Rob Arlett 25,284 67%
Eugene Truono, Jr 10,587 28%
Roque De La Fuente 1,998 5%
353 of 353 (100%) precincts reporting , 37,869 total votes

A Republican race for Senate was won by Sussex County Council member Rob Arlett. He defeated finance attorney Gene Truono and perennial candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente (who has run for Senate in multiple other states and ran for president on the Reform ticket). Delaware is a pretty solidly blue state, and most forecasters rate the seat Safely Democratic.

Why this race matters
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