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The fantasy of Ted Lasso and the reality of Jason Sudeikis

The Jason Sudeikis-Olivia Wilde breakup changed the way watching Ted Lasso feels.

The world’s largest crypto exchange is in trouble with the US government

Binance is the latest crypto exchange to get into hot water with regulators.

Serial’s Adnan Syed was finally free. Zoom got his conviction reinstated.

A wildy rare appeal is sending Adnan Syed back to court — this time with Hae Min Lee’s family in the room.

It’s not just Stormy Daniels: The potential federal indictments against Trump, explained

Special counsel Jack Smith’s two investigations may be nearing completion.

Migrants were left for dead in a Mexican detention center. Was it a preventable tragedy?

A deadly fire that killed 38 migrants has led to international calls for an investigation.

AI leaders (and Elon Musk) urge all labs to press pause on powerful AI

We got GPT-4. We could stop there for now, placing a moratorium on new AI systems more powerful than that.

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How an AI pope pic fooled us

An AI-generated image of Cool Pope in immaculate drip went viral over the weekend and most everyone thought it was real. The Verge’s James Vincent explains how we should navigate our new internet reality.

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Starbucks won’t admit to breaking the law by union busting

How to test what an AI model can — and shouldn’t — do

Are buy now, pay later services like Klarna and Apple Pay Later a scam?

The RESTRICT Act is more bad news for TikTok

What we know about the Nashville school shooting

Has TikTok made us better? Or much, much worse?

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

Refrigerators have gotten really freaking good. Thanks, Jimmy Carter.

To make the present feel more meaningful, think beyond it

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

What US weapons tell us about the Russia-Ukraine war

Why no one sounds exactly like you

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski-and-run trial is a reminder that stars are not like us

What is going on with Philadelphia’s drinking water?

Why Jonathan Majors’s assault arrest is so disturbing — and so complicated

What an assault weapons ban could — and couldn’t — do to end US mass shootings

The 3 big questions facing Israel after Netanyahu delays judicial overhaul


Why China’s population is shrinking

9 questions about Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, answered

Heartbreaking: The worst Supreme Court justice you know just made a great point

The House GOP’s investigations are flopping


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Medicaid’s “Great Unwinding”

Medicaid’s continuous enrollment, discontinued.

What would it mean to treat guns the way we treat cars?

Netanyahu finally went too far

America’s unique, enduring gun problem, explained

This stream has:

Israel’s deepening political crisis erupts in protests

How Israel’s protesters brought a temporary halt to Netanyahu’s judicial assault

Why Israel’s new far-right government has triggered massive protests

How to save America’s public transit systems from a doom spiral

There are valid critiques of Kamala Harris. They also don’t tell the full story.

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What Logan Roy’s sad birthday party tells you about the new season of Succession

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Haiti’s gang violence crisis, briefly explained

How to foster your purpose wherever you are in life

How the March for Our Lives activists see the country now

America’s hypersonic arms race with China, explained

Utah’s social media for kids law could be coming to a state near you

If your AI model is going to sell, it has to be safe

Would Trump’s indictment help or hurt his 2024 campaign?

An overhead view of a maze of green shrubs on a sandy beach. Five people walk throughout the maze.

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India’s ruling party just kicked a major rival out of Parliament — and sparked a new crisis

Did George Santos lie about everything?