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Rizz, the word of the year, explained

The evolution of a viral term, according to the "Livvy rizzed up Baby Gronk" guy.

Blue Eye Samurai is one of the smartest Netflix shows in years

Netflix struggled for years to land a mainstream anime hit. Enter Blue Eye Samurai.

Billionaires had a surprisingly bad day in the Supreme Court

Even this very conservative Court appears reluctant to blow up the federal government’s power to tax rich people.

How the keffiyeh became a symbol of the Palestinian cause

The iconic Palestinian scarf started out as a practical garment. It became an emblem of an aspiring nation.

The Israel-Hamas war is tearing American cultural institutions apart

Artists are protesting Israel’s offensive. The art and literary worlds are struggling to respond.

Qubit by qubit, the quantum computers of tomorrow are coming into being

The quantum computing industry has a road map to the future — but can it reach its destination?

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Still hot and bothered

Earlier this year the FDA approved a game-changing drug to treat hot flashes, a symptom of menopause. But menopause is much more than just hot flashes, as health writer Jancee Dunn explains. We talked to her in May about why a transition that happens to half the world’s population still feels like a mystery.

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The Israel-Hamas war is shifting quickly. Find the latest coverage from Vox here.


What’s inside this crater in Madagascar?

Renaissance isn’t a deification of Beyoncé. It’s a reminder she’s human.

Vox podcasts tackle the Israel-Hamas war 

Russia’s absurd claim that the LGBTQ community is extremist, explained

An oil executive is leading the UN climate summit. It’s going as well as you’d expect.

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

What Timothée Chalamet’s Wonka has in common with Paddington Bear

Two new Supreme Court cases ask if there is a right to medically necessary abortion

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Our love of orcas is making them miserable

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How millennials learned to dread motherhood

To our generation, being a mom looks thankless, exhausting, and lonely. Can we change the story?

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It’s okay to suck when you try something new

Vox, explain it to me

Israel moves into southern Gaza after a week-long truce — and its goals are murkier than ever

Israeli settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, briefly explained

The first results from the world’s biggest basic income experiment

George Santos’s messy expulsion vote, briefly explained

Netflix’s Squid Game reality show is kinda great. Oh no.

How Israel fractured the left and united the right


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Can Black churches lead the way on teen mental health?

A Black mental health researcher’s long, difficult crusade
An illustration of a shadowed hand holding a blue tangled thread. Another shadowed hand holds a red thread neatly arranged in rows.

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Can the party of Trump really become a multiracial coalition?

Scaling slaughter-free meat is hard. Here’s one way to make it easier.

Why psychedelics produce some of the most meaningful experiences in people’s lives

Why Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis are debating each other

What Henry Kissinger wrought

The truth about Napoleon and Josephine’s marriage, divorce, and lasting legacy

There are now more land mines in Ukraine than almost anywhere else on the planet

There’s less meat at this year’s climate talks. But there’s plenty of bull.

What to know about the new FAFSA

The Supreme Court seeks a middle path between following the law and blowing up the government

Nikki Haley’s “rise” and the Republican flight from reality

What Matt Rife’s baffling Netflix special tells us about comedy

US life expectancy no longer catastrophic, now merely bad


Why cheating is allowed on game shows

Alex Murdaugh stands guilty of killing his wife and son. That’s just scratching the surface.

Why is dating advice on TikTok so sexist — and so bleak?

The big bet on “tiny homes” to fix homelessness

What is life like in Palestine? These short films offer a glimpse.

Local police should not be your go-to source for iPhone safety news