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Get the best of Vox each week, curated by our editors

Get curated picks of the best Vox journalism to read, watch, and listen to every week, from our editors.

The logo of Vox Recommends, a new newsletter offering from Vox. Paige Vickers/Vox
Gabriela Fernandez is a senior audience strategy editor at Vox. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she graduated from USC with degrees in broadcast and digital journalism and narrative studies

From text to video and podcasts, Vox publishes a lot of great journalism every day. From explainers breaking down the latest Supreme Court decision to podcasts about the mysteries of AI to videos explaining the history of passenger rail in the US, we know there’s a lot to dive into.

I am a senior audience strategy editor here at Vox, and a large part of my job involves consuming all the work Vox publishes each day. But even with the knowledge of what’s already been published and what’s coming, I catch myself wishing I had a guide to let me know where to start. That’s where Vox’s editors will step in with the Vox Recommends newsletter.

Every Friday, a different editor across our newsroom of text, video, and audio journalists will send you a newsletter curating their favorite Vox stories to read, watch, or listen to that week. You’ll also get an inside look at what they’re interested in and what’s on their mind, what they enjoyed or learned from their colleagues, insight on pieces they may have edited, or a broader look at the projects Vox published that week.

One of the best parts of my job is talking to my colleagues. They always have smart insights that help me understand how to think about the news and how it impacts my life, or how everyday occurrences like what we buy can tell us something much larger about our society. I’m so excited for you to hear from them firsthand. Here’s where you can sign up.

Vox Recommends joins our growing list of newsletter offerings. Here’s where you can find and sign up for our other newsletters.