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Vox, explain it to me

Want to inspire a Vox story? Share your ideas with us.

A Vox logo, with a black letter V on a bright yellow background.
Gabriela Fernandez is a senior audience strategy editor at Vox. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she graduated from USC with degrees in broadcast and digital journalism and narrative studies

Ever since we started Vox, we’ve had a channel on Slack, the messaging app we use to communicate within our newsroom, called #vox-explain-it-to-me. Members of our newsroom use this channel to ask questions about the topics they need clarification on, trends they’ve noticed, or subjects they are just curious or confused about. The conversations in this channel, along with the people who tag us on social media saying they need a “Vox-splainer” on specific issues, are among the factors that help shape our reporting.

Now, here’s your chance to participate. Just as our staff can ask each other for the topics they want explained to them by their colleagues in #vox-explain-it-to-me, now you can participate in that process too. Use this form to tell us what topics you want Vox to explain to you. There’s no deadline, and we’ll check the submissions regularly to help inform our story ideas.