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Inside the new Supreme Court session: Video Q&A with Ian Millhiser

On October 25, Ian answered questions from our contributors.

An illustration shows the US Supreme Court building, overshadowed by a hand with a judge’s gavel, and surrounded by blue, white, and red shapes suggesting pieces of the American flag. Christina Animashaun/Vox

The Supreme Court has already had a historically influential year. But its next set of rulings might be even more consequential. What will the Court do next?

Vox senior correspondent Ian Millhiser focuses on the Supreme Court, the Constitution, and the decline of liberal democracy in the United States. He answered questions from our contributors about the Supreme Court here live on Tuesday, October 25, from 2 pm to 2:45 pm ET.

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You can discuss these topics using the chat box below the video. Hit the play button to watch the video stream.