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The Future of Remote Work Q&A with Rani Molla

On October 20, Rani answered audience questions about this pressing topic

Illustration of people working remote. Amanda Northrop/Vox

The Covid-19 pandemic led to a rise in remote work around the world. Many people have returned to the office, while others have remained working from home, leading to a lot of uncertainty about the future of work.

Leave your questions below, and Recode’s senior correspondent Rani Molla will answer them throughout the day on October 20. Rani is an accomplished business and technology reporter, and the future of work is her current focus.

You might want to ask such questions as:

  • How much time in the office do people really need?
  • Why do employers want workers back in the office?
  • ✋ How can I as a manager better support remote workers?
  • Where are people working remotely the most?

Leave your questions down below, any time until 4 pm ET on October 20. You can return to this page to see Rani answering your questions throughout the day.