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Plant-based diets, explained (to kids)

You’re invited to a plant-based party on the Island of Explained.

Cherry Roma tomatoes seen in a mini shopping cart parked on a green lawn. Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Today, Explained to Kids is back for a second season. In each episode of this Vox podcast, a group of friends takes a journey to the Island of Explained. Kids (and adults) come along to explore the magical island and meet its whimsical inhabitants, all while tackling some of the biggest questions in the world. This summer, we’ll answer questions about how to make the future better through the way we eat, care for our environment, listen to each other, and more.

In Today, Explained to Kids: Plant-based party, an invitation to a vegan party sends producers Kiarra and Izii to the Island, where a giant who once ate people explains why he switched to a plant-based diet — and why that diet might be beneficial for humans, too.

Listen to the episode with the young people in your life — or just because — and then come back here to download our educational activities that build on what we learned in the episode. Thanks to early childhood education specialist Rachel Giannini for developing our learning materials!

You can also read the full transcript of this episode below:

And listen to more Today, Explained to Kids episodes:

For season two, Today, Explained to Kids is teaming up with KiwiCo to bring four new episodes to life with fun and enriching home-based activities to create a seamless listening and hands-on experience.

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