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Jan 6, 2020, 7:00am EST
  • September 7

    Offered a bonus at work? Ask for a raise instead

    One-time checks are a little bit bogus.

  • July 11

    We all just fell for Amazon’s made-up holiday yet again

    Get something you didn’t need on Prime Day? You’re not alone.

  • June 29

    Amazon, Walmart, and the price we pay for low prices

    Amazon and Walmart are a little bit evil and make us a little bit evil, too.

  • June 15

    Who’s making money on the anti-woke, anti-trans backlash?

    Turns out, shopping when you’re trying to boycott everything is hard.

  • May 18

    Your company can screw you over even after you leave

    From non-competes to non-disparagement agreements, your employer has plenty of ways to lock you down even after you leave.

  • May 4

    What the lottery sells — and who pays

    Of course you’re not going to win the lottery. And yet.

  • April 20

    When your neighbors become your overlords

    How HOAs became an unnecessary necessary evil.

  • April 6

    Your phone is ruining your vacation

    When in Rome — or Cabo or Tokyo — put down your phone.

  • March 29

    Are buy now, pay later services like Klarna and Apple Pay Later a scam?

    Buy now, pay later — and maybe more than you bargained for.

  • March 23

    What it looks like when a country doesn’t trust its banks

    I went to Argentina and the US did a bank run.

  • March 9

    You might not know if your blender will kill you

    America’s messy, screwed-up product recall system, explained.

  • February 23

    Why in the world do we hand out awards to adults?

    Awards are a made-up thing.

  • February 9

    Why you know the names of tons of medicines you’ll never need

    Before you’d heard of Ozempic, constant TV ads made sure you knew the Ozempic song.

  • January 26

    The death of the customer service hotline

    Need to call Facebook? Frontier? Good luck.

  • January 12

    Job interviews are a nightmare — and only getting worse

    Employers are constantly finding new hoops for candidates to jump through.

  • December 1, 2022

    A holiday reminder to not be a rude doofus

    The awful American consumer gets extra awful during the holidays.

  • November 17, 2022

    The high price of absolutely everything at the airport

    Airport vendors have you right where they want you — trapped at the gate, drinking a $20 beer.

  • November 3, 2022

    The ugly story of how corporate America convinced us to spend so much on water

    We’re being packaged and sold a bottle/can/box of lies on water.

  • October 20, 2022

    How airlines squeeze you for every penny

    Your cheap flight won’t be so cheap after all the fees.

  • October 6, 2022

    You know what your wedding doesn’t need? Doughnut walls.

    It’s a multibillion-dollar industry for a reason.

  • September 22, 2022

    Mandatory overtime is garbage

    Your boss is the boss of your job, not of your life.

  • September 8, 2022

    What if we’re fighting inflation all wrong?

    Who loses in the battle against inflation.

  • August 25, 2022

    Why we keep falling for fitness fads

    Peloton is the new Tae Bo is the new Thighmaster. Why do we approach fitness as consumers?

  • July 28, 2022

    How the anti-aging industry turns you into a customer for life

    Anti-aging is the easiest sell in the world.

  • June 30, 2022

    NFTs and the monetization of hope

    Everything feels broken. Who can blame people for wanting NFTs to be a fix?

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