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Oct 7, 2021, 9:00am EDT
  • November 19

    House Democrats finally pass a massive social spending bill 

    Its future, however, hinges on the Senate.

  • November 15

    The infrastructure law aims to clean up pollution in your community

    Congress will inject unprecedented funding into replacing dirty school buses, lead pipes, and more.

  • November 15

    Democrats are set to leave immigrants in the lurch again

    Immigration provisions in Democrats’ budget reconciliation bill are likely on the chopping block.

  • November 1

    The uncertain future of free community college

    The initiative could have helped millions of students, but it wasn’t a top priority in Biden’s spending package.

  • October 29

    Biden’s $27 billion bet on forests

    The president’s Build Back Better proposal could be a game changer for US forests.

  • October 29

    Cutting paid leave hurts low-wage workers the most

    Just 8 percent of low-wage workers have access to paid family leave, compared to 20 percent of all workers.

  • October 28

    Are billionaires best at deciding what to do with money?

    Rich guys, unsurprisingly, not into taxes.

  • October 28

    The US is about to make the same pandemic preparedness mistake — again

    Democrats’ plans for public health funding fall far short of what experts say is necessary.

  • October 28

    What’s in — and what’s out of — Biden’s latest spending proposal

    The framework goes big on early childhood education and climate — while making drastic cuts elsewhere.

  • October 27

    Biden’s Plan B for the climate crisis, explained

    It’s not too late for Democrats to go big on climate change. But it won’t be easy, and there’s no margin for error.

  • October 27

    Democrats may let the best weapon against child poverty fade away

    The child tax credit accomplished in one month what other policies took a decade to achieve.

  • October 22

    What Democrats are still fighting over in the budget bill

    Climate provisions and Medicare expansion are just a couple of the issues being debated.

  • October 21

    Democrats’ winnowing health care ambitions

    Fixing Obamacare is near the top of Democrats’ health care priorities, but other proposals may have to be cut.

  • October 20

    Democrats are setting up social policies for painful cliffs

    They’re banking on the popularity of social programs to keep them from expiring.

  • October 16

    Joe Manchin won’t support a key climate program. Alternatives won’t be enough.

    The clean electricity program is "the backbone of the energy transition," experts say.

  • October 15

    The case against means testing  

    Programs that use it can impose inordinate burdens on the people they’re trying to help.

  • October 13

    Can the US cut drug prices without sacrificing new cures?

    The big unanswered question at the heart of Democrats’ health care agenda.

  • October 7

    The US is closer than ever before to making major progress on the climate crisis

    Democrats might never get another opportunity like this. The global climate certainly won’t.

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