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Vaccine side effects are actually a good thing

Why you might feel sick after getting a Covid-19 vaccine.

Every vaccine comes with the chance of side effects. But with these new Covid-19 vaccines, the chances are much higher. Most people will feel pain at the injection site or fatigued. The vaccines come with more side effects than we’re used to, which can be scary. But scientists argue this is actually a good thing.

When we get, for example, the common cold, we may feel fatigued and get a fever or get the chills. But it’s not the virus that’s creating those symptoms — your immune system is making you feel that way as it fights off the virus.

And while vaccines are harmless — you won’t catch Covid-19 from the Covid-19 vaccine — they do train your immune system to fight off the virus. So you have the chance of feeling some of those same “sick” feelings as your immune system kicks in response to the vaccine.

Watch the video above to learn more about how your immune system works and why you may actually be happy to feel a bit “meh” after getting your shot.

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