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President Joe Biden has promised a lot of policy action in his first 100 days. This is how you can keep up.

Big news: Vox is bringing back the Weeds newsletter — just in time to cover the beginning of President Joe Biden’s administration. You can and should sign up here.

With Democrats now taking full control of the White House, House, and Senate, and the country dealing with multiple crises, there’s a lot of work to be done on Covid-19, the economy, health care, climate change, infrastructure, democracy, and more. As the Biden administration gears up, this newsletter will be here to help you understand and go deeper on an unprecedented burst of policymaking.

Every Friday, I’ll break down what’s happening on policy and why it matters. Sometimes I’ll focus on the issue making headlines that week. Sometimes I’ll write about a topic that should be getting more attention. I’ll also introduce you to new research, answer your questions, and link to the best policy journalism I’ve read that week. The plan is to cover the first 100 days of Biden’s presidency, with an eye on policy and how it impacts all of us.

For those who don’t know me: I’m German Lopez, a senior correspondent here at Vox. You’ve probably heard my voice on the Weeds podcast, discussing issues from the FBI to marijuana legalization to health care. Now I’ll be doing my best to convert the ethos of the podcast into newsletter form.

Sign up here, and I’ll see you on Fridays.

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