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Mar 27, 2020, 11:45am EDT
  • August 27

    The lab leak hypothesis — true or not — should teach us a lesson

    As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc, humans still aren’t doing enough to prevent the next pandemic.

  • August 23

    What full FDA approval for Covid-19 vaccines really means

    The Pfizer/BioNTech shot got the green light from regulators — which could encourage some holdouts to get vaccinated.

  • August 20

    What we actually know about the vaccines and the delta variant

    Covid-19 vaccines still are effective in preventing hospitalization. But vaccinated people are more likely to get sick than before.

  • July 29

    The 4 main fault lines that divide the vaccinated and the unvaccinated

    Age, race, income, and, of course, politics.

  • July 15

    Some vaccinated people have gotten Covid-19. That’s no reason to panic.

    Keep an eye on breakthrough Covid-19 cases, but remember that they’re expected.

  • June 30

    How the delta variant is altering the course of the pandemic

    The delta variant has made Covid-19 more dangerous than ever for unvaccinated people.

  • June 14

    What the Novavax vaccine means for the global fight against Covid-19

    The biotech firm said its Covid-19 vaccine showed 90 percent efficacy in clinical trials. Thank moths.

  • May 21

    The CDC’s mask guidelines are scientifically sound — if you actually read them

    Why the CDC is so confident some people can go maskless.

  • May 20

    How to supercharge vaccine production for the next pandemic

    To defeat the next pandemic, the world needs year-round facilities pumping out vaccines for threats old and new.

  • May 20

    Why Covax, the fund to vaccinate the world, is struggling

    Covax wanted to send 2 billion doses worldwide this year. It’s 3.4 percent of the way there.

  • May 5

    Will Covid-19 vaccines protect you against variants? 9 questions about variants, answered.

    How coronavirus variants are affecting vaccines, treatments, and our attempts to return to normal.

  • May 5

    Anti-vaxxers aren’t the cause of America’s dropping vaccine rates

    This fact is crucial to getting the US’s vaccination campaign back on track.

  • April 29

    The world could be doing much more to help India

    Countries can’t go it alone in tackling Covid-19.

  • April 27

    3 reasons most public masking is still important — even if you’re vaccinated

    The CDC says we can now drop our masks outdoors in some cases. Experts explain where we still need to keep them on.

  • April 23

    Why the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause was the right move

    The CDC and FDA on Friday accepted recommendations that Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccinations should resume, but with a warning.

  • April 15

    Why the Johnson & Johnson pause may not matter for America’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout

    America’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout is going so well it could fulfill demand by midsummer without Johnson & Johnson’s shot.

  • April 15

    Yes, you can be vaccinated and still get Covid-19. But don’t panic.

    We’re only talking about Covid-19 vaccine breakthrough infections because the pandemic is still raging.

  • April 14

    If you get an insurance bill for your Covid-19 vaccine, it’s a mistake

    Covid-19 vaccines are supposed to be free. Some people are getting bills anyway.

  • April 13

    Why Johnson & Johnson shots were paused — and why that’s so confusing

    The logic and challenge behind the FDA and CDC’s decision to temporarily halt the one-shot vaccine.

  • April 5

    Your post-vaccination travel questions, answered

    Can Americans travel right now? Kind of. Should Americans travel right now? That’s more complicated.

  • March 31

    When will teens and kids be able to get the Covid-19 vaccines?

    It may still be a while. Here’s what parents can do in the meantime while their kids aren’t vaccinated and others are.

  • March 31

    Everything you need to know about vaccine passports

    The Biden administration says it’s leaving digital vaccination records up to states and the private sector.

  • March 30

    America is now on track to vaccinate all adults by July 4

    A new kind of Independence Day.

  • March 30

    The evidence that Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective in pregnancy is growing

    Covid-19 shots during pregnancy might also pass on protection against the virus to babies.

  • March 25

    AstraZeneca’s absurd and unprecedented dispute with regulators, explained

    The company said its Covid-19 vaccine developed with Oxford had 76 percent efficacy in the US after a rare public rebuke from the NIH.