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Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

For the curious in all of us. Can you solve it?

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New Vox Crossword puzzles come out Monday through Saturday

Welcome to the Vox crossword. Puzzles come out Monday through Saturday. Make sure to bookmark this page (or add to your phone’s home screen) to find new ones each day. You can also get a weekly email reminder by signing up for our crossword newsletter.

Puzzles are constructed by these great people and edited by Elizabeth Crane. If you want to get in touch, email us at

And if you solve our crosswords often, consider chipping in to help keep them free for everybody.

Looking for even more crosswords? Our first-ever crosswords books are now available for purchase wherever you buy books. The first, the Vox Mega Book of Mini Crosswords, features 150 of our bite-sized weekday puzzles. The second, the Vox Pop Culture Crosswords book, highlights pop culture references in our big Saturday puzzles ranging from Mario Kart to iCarly.

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