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Meet Vox’s crossword constructors

Here are all of the people who create Vox’s crossword puzzles.

Meet the people who create Vox’s daily crossword puzzles.

Patrick Blindauer

Patrick published his first crossword in the New York Times in 2005; since then, his work has appeared there nearly 70 times. He also writes puzzles for various newspapers, magazines, and websites, where he likes to make the alphabet dance. Patrick lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and can be found via his website or on Twitter @pblindauer.

Adesina O. Koiki

Adesina is a sports journalist and on-air presenter who is the founder of A Lot of Sports Talk, a national sports reporting website. Adesina spent seven years as a reporter and researcher at ESPN magazine. He also was an on-air news reporter before spending time as a radio play-by-play broadcaster for the Baltimore Orioles’ minor league affiliate in Salisbury, Maryland. His interests also include cooking any recipes that involve chicken.

Juliana Tringali Golden

Juliana is an editor and mom in Oakland, California. Her puzzles have appeared in the New York Times, the Atlantic, AVCX, the Inkubator, and elsewhere. You can find her on Twitter @julianatringali.

Will Nediger

Will is a crossword maker and quiz bowl question writer who lives in London, Ontario. He edits a weekly spy-themed crossword for Spyscape Museum, and his indie puzzles (plus roundups of his favorite indie puzzles by other constructors) can be found at (whose URL is itself a puzzle).

Andrew J. Ries

Andrew has been writing crosswords since 2006. You can solve more of his puzzles at His other interests include college hockey and ’80s movies. He once won a bicycle at a circus.

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