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Feb 18, 2023, 6:00am EST
  • June 26

    Jesse Watters, Fox News’s new Tucker Carlson, explained

    Can the smarmy "lightweight" fill Bill O’Reilly and Tucker Carlson’s shoes?

  • May 11

    Tucker Carlson’s TV-to-Twitter move could actually pay off

    Here’s the math.

  • May 10

    Tucker Carlson’s show is back, and it’s on Twitter

    The former Fox News host says he has a new home, and it’s owned by Elon Musk.

  • May 4

    Why Tucker Carlson’s text message about “white men” matters

    A leaked text that reportedly led to Carlson’s firing revealed something important about the most racist show on cable.

  • April 26

    The new controversy on the left: Is it okay to say Tucker Carlson had some good ideas?

    The American Prospect ran an article praising Carlson. The backlash came quickly.

  • April 26

    No, seriously, why did Fox News fire Tucker Carlson?

    Something doesn’t add up.

  • April 24

    Tucker Carlson was doing something different — and darker — than most Fox hosts

    And that’s why his departure really matters.

  • March 8

    The desperate pandering of Tucker Carlson

    The Dominion-Fox lawsuit puts the lie to Tucker Carlson’s January 6 revisionist history.

  • February 18

    A juicy new legal filing reveals who really controls Fox News

    As Trump spread his stolen election lies, Fox was terrified of alienating its own audience, emails and texts show.