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Oct 4, 2023, 10:40am EDT
  • October 29

    “Lord of the Flies”: New House Speaker Mike Johnson faces a chaotic opening era

    New House Speaker Mike Johnson faces a long to-do list and a caucus with short patience for compromise.

  • October 25

    3 winners and 3 losers from the House speaker circus

    Right-wing hardliners ultimately triumphed by making Rep. Mike Johnson speaker.

  • October 20

    The GOP speaker contest has entered its “who?” era

    Jim Jordan lost. Now the party is searching for new speaker candidates.

  • October 19

    5 ways the House speaker drama could end

    Will the "Never Jordan" bloc cave? Will there be a bipartisan deal? Or ... what?

  • October 18

    Jim Jordan’s radical speakership bid falls short on the House floor — again

    But he’s going to keep trying to flip GOP holdouts.

  • October 13

    Now it’s Jim Jordan’s turn to struggle to become speaker

    Jordan got the GOP nomination. But he’s a long way from the support he needs on the House floor.

  • October 12

    Steve Scalise quits speaker race after humiliating 24 hours

    And Jim Jordan is waiting in the wings.

  • October 11

    How Congress stumbled on the worst combination of representative government

    The US House is acting like a parliament. That’s not great for America — or for you.

  • October 11

    Republicans have nominated Steve Scalise for speaker. Now comes the hard part.

    Scalise still has to win on the House floor, which will require near-unanimity among Republicans.

  • October 10

    9 questions about Kevin McCarthy’s downfall and House GOP chaos, answered

    How McCarthy got into this mess, who’ll be speaker next, and more.

  • October 4

    Kevin McCarthy is out. Who might replace him as speaker?

    The House voted to remove McCarthy as speaker. The search for a successor is on — and could drag on for days.