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Vox’s Sean Illing to Take the Helm as Host of Vox Conversations

Illing, who has hosted the show part-time since it launched last year, will begin his role this fall. 

Vox’s VP for audio Liz Nelson today announced that Sean Illing will take the helm as the sole host of interview podcast Vox Conversations. Vox Conversations brings listeners discussions between the brightest minds and deepest thinkers, offering its audience a forum to explore big ideas like forgiveness, liberalism, and attention, and challenge their assumptions.

Illing, who has hosted the show on a part-time basis since it launched last year, has played a pivotal role in cementing the show’s vision, and will begin his full-time hosting duties this fall, timed to a larger rebrand around the show.

Illing joined Vox in 2016 as a senior writer, and has covered politics, culture, and media for the site. He previously hosted Future Perfect: The Way Through for Vox, a limited eight-episode series that explored the ways in which humans have navigated suffering throughout history.

In his time co-hosting Vox Conversations, Illing has helped audiences understand the current moment with conversations with thinkers like John McWhorter about antiracism or Lyndsey Stonebridge about the relevance of Hannah Arendt’s political philosophy. His first book, The Paradox of Democracy, is set to publish later this month.

Prior to joining Vox, Illing taught philosophy at LSU and Loyola University, and served as a paramedic in the United States Air Force.

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