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Vox launches a new section, Even Better, focused on direct, actionable advice for living a better life

An expansion of offerings in service journalism.

Three friends laughing in a circle

Today, Vox launched a new service journalism section, focused on giving readers deeply sourced information, helpful frameworks, and actionable advice to help them live better lives individually and collectively. The section will showcase reporting on many aspects of modern life: mental health, relationships of all kinds, community, work, money, and more.

For the launch of this section, inaugural contributors include Lindsay Bryan-Podvin on how money is emotional — but personal finance advice rarely accounts for that; Alex Hazlett on how to talk to teens about body image; Allie Volpe on the case for having fewer friends; and Rebecca Leber on how to take action in the climate crisis.

“Vox’s core mission has always been to empower the public with information that helps them better understand the world,” says editor-in-chief Swati Sharma. “This new section goes to the heart of that mission by examining the tools that can help readers live more enriching, balanced, and happier lives.”

With empathy and practicality, the section aims to provide readers with tangible resources and applications they can use in their day-to-day.

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