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May 3, 2022, 7:54am EDT
  • May 20

    Oklahoma isn’t waiting for the Supreme Court to ban all abortions

    It’s about to become the first state to ban abortions after fertilization.

  • May 18

    Will philanthropists step up in a world without Roe?

    Foundations love funding reproductive health care, unless it’s for an abortion.

  • May 12

    In an uncivil age, calls for “civility” are about squashing effective protest

    We’re discussing protests in neighborhoods — which means we’re not discussing abortion rights.

  • May 12

    The end of Roe will mean more children living in poverty

    How "pro-life" states are failing new parents and babies.

  • May 11

    The Senate’s doomed vote on abortion rights, explained

    Why the Senate voted on an abortion rights bill that was guaranteed to fail.

  • May 11

    Three unlikely but not totally impossible paths toward restoring Roe’s protections

    The outlook is grim in the short term. But there are three possible paths over the longer term.

  • May 11

    Blue states are preparing to become abortion safe havens

    Democrats are preparing to serve millions who could soon be living in states with abortion bans.

  • May 7

    The abortion provider that Republicans are struggling to stop

    But Silicon Valley could.

  • May 6

    Biden can’t do much about abortion rights, but here’s what he could try

    Three executive actions advocates want to see the administration consider.

  • May 6

    If Roe v. Wade falls, are LGBTQ rights next?

    Justice Alito is a staunch opponent of LGBTQ rights, but he may not have the votes to turn back the clock.

  • May 6

    What happens when the public loses faith in the Supreme Court?

    Overturning Roe will likely weaken already-low public trust in the Court. In a contested election, that’s a recipe for disaster.

  • May 6

    How we got here: Roe v. Wade from 1973 to today

    Over the past half-century, the US’s political parties polarized on abortion — even as most Americans stayed in the middle.

  • May 6

    What police could find out about your illegal abortion

    The pre-Roe world didn’t have data privacy laws. The post-Roe world needs them.

  • May 5

    Abortion has been treated as a fringe issue by Democrats for decades. This is the result.

    The likely fall of Roe will roll back access for millions. It will also strike at the heart of American democracy.

  • May 5

    After Roe: 9 legal experts on what rights the Supreme Court might target next

    Does Justice Alito’s draft opinion hint at future rollbacks on marriage equality, birth control, and other issues?

  • May 4

    How one lawyer engineered the right’s (likely) successful crusade against Roe v. Wade

    Overturning precedent isn’t easy, but Jim Bopp has been fighting for decades.

  • May 4

    The dire health consequences of denying abortions, explained

    A landmark study revealed connections between carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term and negative outcomes for children and pregnant people.

  • May 4

    The fight for the Senate has become a fight over abortion rights

    Limited by the filibuster and conservative members of Congress, lawmakers are zeroing on holding the Senate as one way to defend reproductive rights.

  • May 3

    The case against SCOTUS

    The US Supreme Court was the midwife of Jim Crow, the right hand of union busters, and the dead hand of the Confederacy, and is now one of the chief architects of America’s democratic decline.

  • May 3

    What happens next if the Supreme Court strikes down Roe

    The next steps in the fight over abortion rights, explained.

  • May 3

    The end of Roe could be a double-edged sword for Republicans

    Gutting abortion rights might not boost the GOP in the midterms.

  • May 3

    How anti-abortion activists may have won the Supreme Court

    It involved setbacks, political power plays, and some pure luck.

  • May 3

    4 things we know, and one big thing we don’t, on the draft opinion overruling Roe v. Wade

    Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked opinion is a full-bore attack on the right to an abortion.

  • May 3

    Where will abortion still be legal after Roe v. Wade is overruled?

    The Supreme Court is poised to overrule Roe v. Wade. Here’s what happens next.