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May 25, 2022, 1:40pm EDT
  • June 24

    How the Uvalde police failed

    Though officers were inside Robb Elementary School just three minutes after the gunman entered, it took them 1 hour, 14 minutes, and 8 seconds to end the massacre.

  • June 13

    “We’re expected to be human shields”: Teachers are unprotected — and scared

    After another school shooting, teachers express fear over the threat of violence in their classrooms.

  • June 10

    “Miracles sometimes happen”: The Senate hasn’t given up on gun control — yet

    Where things stand on Senate gun control talks so far.

  • June 8

    Red states aren’t following Florida’s lead on gun control

    Even Florida’s red flag law isn’t getting traction among Republicans.

  • June 6

    Guns do more than kill

    Firearm injuries undermine mental, physical, and financial health, even for people who’ve never encountered a bullet.

  • June 5

    What does the Second Amendment mean in 2022?

    The Constitution protects gun ownership — but doesn’t prevent state regulations.

  • June 5

    What would it mean to treat guns the way we treat cars?

    Guns kill more young Americans than cars now, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • June 3

    Blue states are responding to Uvalde

    Democrats are pushing through state gun control reforms after a streak of mass shootings.

  • June 3

    How to prevent gun deaths without gun control

    Can summer jobs and mental health care save lives?

  • June 2

    America’s unique, enduring gun problem, explained

    The factors that lead to tragedies like those in Tulsa and Uvalde are deeply ingrained in US politics, culture, and law.

  • June 2

    House Democrats’ sweeping gun control package could be even bigger

    Lawmakers have a chance to send an aggressive message about the measures they support.

  • June 2

    The problem with schools turning to surveillance after mass shootings

    Installing advanced security tech doesn’t appear to stop these tragedies, but it can harm students in other ways.

  • June 1

    Polling is clear: Americans want gun control

    Politicians diverge from voters when it comes to preventing gun deaths.

  • May 29

    Pro-gun rights lawmakers want to arm teachers, but there’s little evidence these programs work

    Teachers don’t support these proposals either.

  • May 28

    Days after school shooting, Republicans defend gun rights at NRA convention

    Former President Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz were among those dismissing calls for tougher gun laws.

  • May 28

    Are active shooter drills worth it?

    Students at Robb Elementary followed lockdown drill protocol, but many trainings go too far.

  • May 27

    The Uvalde police keep changing their story

    Law enforcement noted they made the "wrong decision" when they didn’t confront the gunman sooner.

  • May 27

    Mass shootings typically lead to looser gun laws, not stronger ones

    Scholars of gun politics have found a striking — and disturbing — pattern.

  • May 27

    The two paths Congress could take on gun control

    Lawmakers are weighing red flag laws and background checks in the search for a compromise.

  • May 27

    Why gun control feels out of reach — and why there’s still hope

    A gun control expert on mass shootings, the progress gun control advocates have made, and why the NRA no longer defines gun culture in the US.

  • May 26

    How America fails children

    US public policy is a disaster on guns — and so much more.

  • May 25

    America’s gun violence epidemic, in one chart

    The US has lots of gun violence. It also has lots of guns.

  • May 25

    How the Supreme Court made it impossible to solve America’s gun violence problem

    If you can’t ban handguns, you’re just spinning your wheels.

  • May 25

    What we know about the Uvalde elementary school massacre

    Uvalde joins Parkland, Sandy Hook, and America’s long list of horrific massacres in schools.

  • May 25

    No, the gun control debate was not “over” after Sandy Hook

    The reality of Uvalde is horrific. That doesn’t mean we should give up hope.

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