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Recode by Vox Launches “Peter Kafka on Media” Column

Kafka’s column will cover the intersection of media and technology and explain why it matters.

Peter Kafka, Recode by Vox senior correspondent and Recode Media and Land of the Giants podcast host, today launches a weekly column about the intersection of media and technology.

Each week, Peter will use his expertise and deep sourcing to decode the biggest news in the tech and media worlds and explain why it matters and what other coverage is missing. He’ll also give readers behind-the-scenes reporting they won’t find anywhere else, as well as insights into how tech and media leaders think.

The debut column reports on the New York Times and how this thriving paper is anxiously preparing for the future by trying to diversify its subscriber base, which is currently older, richer, whiter, and more liberal than the rest of America. But its strategy for attracting new subscribers puts it in competition with struggling local news — which is already in crisis mode.

This column comes at a moment when innovations in tech and media are reshaping and sometimes completely remaking what used to be the established media landscape — from publishing to entertainment to social media. Peter’s column will interrogate how these changes are a reaction to our shifting culture, and at the same time a driving force behind some of those shifts.

Importantly, Peter’s column will be a weekly conversation with readers that invites feedback, burning questions, and complex debates. He wants to hear from you, engage with you, and take on the stories that matter to you.

Peter Kafka is a singular voice who has been covering media and technology since 1997, when he joined the staff of Forbes magazine. He’s an accomplished interviewer who’s talked to everyone from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to Tyler the Creator, and in recent years he’s reported stories on subjects that include the media’s struggles covering the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, how Apple threw a wrench in Facebook’s business model, and Silicon Valley’s obsession with Web3.

Look for Peter’s column every Wednesday morning.


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