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Senior Correspondent Emily St. James to Cover Shifting American Identity

Courtesy of Emily St. James

Vox senior editor Meredith Haggerty, along with editorial director Julia Rubin, shared this note with the newsroom.

We’re excited to announce that Emily St. James will be moving into a new role as a senior correspondent covering shifting American identity.

From gender to politics to religion to family and beyond, long-held boundaries and binaries in American life are changing, reconfiguring, even dissolving. Emily will look deeply at the people, places, and things in our culture that are often overlooked because they don’t fit neatly into our prescribed narratives.

Emily came to Vox as its founding culture editor and has spent the past seven years covering TV and other cultural products for the site; we can’t wait to see her report — not to mention, use her inimitable analytical skills — on this crucial new beat. She’s previously covered topics from the pillorying of trans writer Isabel Fall to chosen families to the way that Volodymyr Zelenskyy uses his skills as a comedian and actor to bring sympathy to the people of Ukraine.

Emily’s previous writing was under the name Emily VanDerWerff. —Meredith Haggerty and Julia Rubin