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Noel King Debuts as Today, Explained Co-host

Noel King joins co-host Sean Rameswaram in her first episode of Today, Explained with on-the-ground reporting in Atlanta

Today marks Noel King’s debut episode as co-host of Vox’s flagship daily news podcast, Today, Explained alongside co-host and Vox Audio Creative Director Sean Rameswaram. In their first episode together – also the show’s 1,000th episode – King reports on a “civil divorce” underway in Atlanta.

King’s on-the-ground reporting looks at the wealthy Buckhead neighborhood where some residents are moving to secede from Atlanta proper due to rising poverty and crime rates. King spoke with community members who are pro and anti-secession. This episode provides an intimate look at an issue that illustrates the broader divisions plaguing the country from a community in Anchorage, Alaska to states like Idaho and Oregon.

King and Rameswaram will share hosting duties going forward, allowing the show to be more experimental in style and format, do more field reporting and longer-term projects, and be more responsive to listener questions and requests.

Today, Explained will be making its terrestrial radio debut this spring through a partnership with WNYC.

King joined Vox in January from NPR, where she was a co-host of Morning Edition and Up First. She was part of a team of NPR journalists who won an Edward R. Murrow Award in 2020 for their reporting along the US/Mexico border on the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico policy. In addition, she has reported on a range of issues, from the U.S.’s 2021 election to the Arab Spring.

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