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Vox’s October Highlight Issue Explores the Future of Climate Change

Inside this issue: The future of climate change, rethinking old ideas about what we eat, where we live and work, and how we power our communities.

Nick Little for Vox

For the October issue of The Highlight, Vox examines potential future solutions for mitigating the multidimensional impact of climate change by reimagining old concepts and outmoded technology around issues from public health crises to food consumption and more. Vox reporters take on the challenge of rethinking tools we already have, whether that’s the meat we consume, the office spaces we haven’t returned to, or the batteries powering the electric vehicle revolution.

“We imagined this as a thought experiment: What are outmoded ways of life that either are changing right now or need to start changing, so we can all have a better future? The stories we tell in this issue cover a range of topics that might seem disparate at first glance — what does the quest to improve air quality in buildings have to do with figuring out how to recycle lithium batteries? But these questions are foundational to the health of humans and our planet, so we wanted to dig into emerging solutions for these complex challenges,” says editorial director Samantha Oltman.

Contributors to the issue include Karen Landman on how our indoor spaces aren’t always designed with our health in mind; Kenny Torrella on how the consumption of meat is an environmental and ethical catastrophe with enormous consequences; Neel Dhanesha on the wasted potential of garbage dumps; Rani Molla on what’s going to happen to the office space we no longer need; Rebecca Heilweil on old automakers learning the importance of the electric vehicle transition; and Rebecca Leber on why we should be recycling batteries for their parts.

The Highlight, in partnership with Apple News, is a dedicated home for the signature features, essays, and explainers that help our audience go beyond the headlines of the day to tackle the big ideas and issues that are changing our present and influencing our future.

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