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Vox’s audience support program, explained

You can now support Vox’s vital explanatory journalism with a financial contribution. Here’s how — and why we’re asking.

In 2020, Vox launched a program to help keep our explainers and every facet of our journalism free because we believe that everyone needs and deserves access to the most important information of the day. Thank you to those of you who have asked for a way to financially support Vox’s journalism. Our mission — to provide clarity that empowers our audience through understanding — has never been more important, and we are so honored that you want to play a role in it.

Of course, we couldn’t launch this initiative without first ... explaining it. So here’s everything you need to know about Vox’s contribution program.

Why did Vox launch a contribution program?

Vox provides all of its content free — and we are committed to keeping it that way. Vox Media has a very diversified business, but without a subscription product or a paywall at Vox, advertising is still a major revenue source for our network.

But we can’t rely on advertising dollars alone as the public need for our service grows. Diversifying our revenue helps us ensure we are always staffed to cover what matters most to you. That’s why we are turning to you, our loyal audience, for support.

Vox explains the world for the general public. People come to us to learn. We hear from teachers all the time who say they use our accessible explanations in the classroom. To keep doing that, all of our work needs to be free, all the time.

How will contributions be used?

Your gift will directly support Vox journalism across our website, YouTube, and podcasts. Here are a few examples of what your contribution could help us do:

  • Create distinctive coverage with altruistic values at the core. Our Future Perfect vertical is highlighting why sending Americans checks is a good idea, how to use mindfulness in a pandemic, and upgrades we can make today to fight the pandemics of tomorrow. We are covering the ongoing pandemic with a global perspective, and will ask the important questions about how we can all act to reduce the most suffering in the world right now.
  • Produce compelling content for audiences on the platforms where people — especially young people — spend their time. It’s important to combat misinformation with high-quality journalism. Vox’s video team is best in class at answering big questions about the issues that matter most. With our YouTube-native journalism and our sharp news explainers on Facebook, we can reach a much younger demographic. On YouTube, where 40 percent of our subscribers are under 25, we’re seeing incredible reach on our videos that help explain Russia’s war on Ukraine, dissect the continued polarization in America, and uncover such things as the human cost of industrial meat production in the US. These three videos alone have been viewed more than 20 million times on YouTube. We’re in a unique position to spread valuable, trustworthy information to a crucial audience on platforms where disinformation often thrives.
  • Report on potential solutions to some of society’s biggest problems. We’re committed to exploring not just what’s broken, but what is working. One area that’s especially important to our newsroom is the climate crisis. From videos on how America’s hottest city (that would be Phoenix) is trying to cool down to Recode by Vox’s series on how the tech industry can help clean up the mess it made (did you know clean energy is buried at the bottom of a lot of abandoned oil wells?), we’re committed to explaining the research and data on how to live in a warming world.

What do I get for contributing?

All contributions support our mission to empower people with understanding and keep our unique work free. We have been surprised and delighted that for the vast majority of our community of contributors, that benefit is enough. But in addition, all Vox contributors get occasional emails on ways to get involved with our work and connect with our journalists.

Is this contribution tax-deductible?

No, your contribution is not tax-deductible. This is not a charitable donation. Even though there is no tax break, there is the benefit of knowing you’re stepping up to do your part to make sure the public is informed. Thank you.

How does someone make a financial contribution to Vox?

Glad you asked. You can click here to give. And thank you so much.

You can also mail in a check made payable to Vox contributions to:

1201 Connecticut Ave NW

12th floor

Washington, DC 20036