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2020: The longest year

2020: The longest year

Looking back on twelve months where so much happened, even if it felt like time stood still.


2020, in 7 minutes

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We tried to predict 2020. Here’s what we got right — and so very wrong.

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Everyone failed on Covid-19

The Lost Year: A quiet year, alone in one’s head

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Stories from a Lost Year

The money we didn’t spend in 2020

The Lost Year: Exercise in quarantine, keeping a business alive, and the unusual intimacy of Zoom

The pop culture that brought us joy in 2020

The worst idea of 2020

A year in the life of a mail carrier (the year is 2020)

"It feels like I’ve never stopped playing Russian roulette because I never stopped working."

The 12 most-read Future Perfect articles of 2020

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Are we doomed? An investigation

At the conclusion of a dystopian year, we look to historians, preppers, and even the heavens in search of answers: What exactly was 2020, and what happens now?

The year shopping changed forever

The Lost Year: Making your workplace Covid-19-safe — when you’re an escort

"I haven’t contracted Covid yet. I’ve been lucky, because my bubble is probably huge."

In 2020, scientists documented hundreds of new species. Here are a few.

2020 had some significant silver linings. Here are 7 of them.

The 18 best documentaries of 2020

Here are the 9 most interesting conversations I had in 2020

The year in things

The Lost Year: A new baby who didn’t know your face for days because you were wearing a mask

"I love just looking at his face when he sees there are other people in the world!"

The Lost Year: Chronic pain, an unusual love story, and reassurance via pickle

"There are certain ways — and maybe it’s not cool to say this — in which quarantine has been helpful."

The Lost Year: Falling for your mailman in lockdown (but not getting the ending you wanted)

"I asked him, ‘How’s everything going? How can we help?’ And I accidentally told him that I loved him."

The Lost Year: A new dress, new self-acceptance, and a sudden onset of the soul

"That day, for the first time, I saw myself. And I knew I was trans. Holy shit."

“Life is too short”: 5 people who made bold decisions during the pandemic

The year we gave up on privacy

The year reality collapsed into pixels

The isolation of 2020 is doing weird things to our bodies

What the 2020 debate over free speech missed

The Lost Year: A sudden crisis, online sex work, and a better understanding of privilege

"Online sex work has amplified the loneliness for some customers. I’m talking to them because they’re paying."

11 of 2020’s best TV shows, video games, podcasts, and more

2020 felt like a “wasted year” for many young adults

The Lost Year: A dad, his son, and the bittersweet realization of life’s true priorities

"In America, we say everything we do is for our child, but we spend a lot of time working and accumulating money and stuff that we don’t need."

The Lost Year: Non-monogamy, Zoom sex, and the agonizing wait to kiss your partner

"As soon as I started taking non-monogamy seriously, it was like any other coming out."

The Lost Year: A woman, an injured baby pig, and a series of revelations

"It’s easier to believe everything is holy lying under the stars with friends and a pig sleeping in the crook of your arm."

The best movies you may have missed in 2020

The Lost Year

The 15 best books our book critic read this year