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2020 Presidential Election

2020 Presidential Election

Vox answers your biggest questions about the 2020 US presidential election.

Are we entering a new era of political violence?

147 Republican lawmakers still objected to the election results after the Capitol attack

Fox News wants its viewers angry enough to watch but not angry enough to riot

Trump campaign lawyer breaks with Trump over the Capitol insurrection

The far right is falsely blaming antifa for the pro-Trump insurrection on Capitol Hill

Looks like Trump got his Twitter account back

Trump supporters storm the US Capitol

Trump says there will be “an orderly transition” on January 20

13 federal criminal laws that the pro-Trump mob may have violated, explained

Congress has formally recognized Joe Biden’s victory

Romney just urged Republicans to stop entertaining Trump’s election lies

Hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol — but few have been arrested so far

A Trump supporter called C-SPAN in tears to ask if her president had lied to her

The insurrection is happening at state capitols, too

Former President Obama: Attack on Capitol was a “violent crescendo” incited by Trump’s lies

“It’s no protest. It’s insurrection”: President-elect Joe Biden condemns Trump supporters attacking the Capitol

Trump responds to Capitol riots by doubling down on his stolen election lie

This stream has:

Trump supporters storm the US Capitol: News and updates

Republicans plead with Trump to denounce violent mob that breached the Capitol

How a “March for Trump” rally led to clashes at the Capitol

“Our democracy would enter a death spiral”: Mitch McConnell urges Republicans to back the election results

Trump turns once and for all against Republicans who won’t help him steal the election

Mike Pence says he won’t try to throw out electoral votes for Joe Biden

The 14 Republican senators objecting to the Electoral College’s certification

3 health care policy predictions now that Democrats have won control of the Senate

Trump’s election-stealing plot is dangerous — even if it fails

How Joe Biden plans to use executive powers to fight climate change

Democrat Raphael Warnock has won Georgia’s Senate special election runoff — and made history

“Phenomenal” Black turnout won the Senate for Democrats in Georgia

The Senate Republican divide over certifying the presidential election, explained

Live results for the pivotal Georgia Senate runoffs

Democrats win the Senate — by the slimmest margin possible

Jon Ossoff beats Sen. David Perdue, handing Democrats control of the Senate

Trump supporters’ last-ditch downtown DC election protests got off to a bleak start

Georgia’s runoff elections are putting Steve Kornacki back on the map

Georgia is experiencing its “worst surge” of Covid-19 ahead of the Senate runoffs

Trump’s last rally as president was supposed to be about the Georgia runoffs. It wasn’t.

4 criminal laws that Trump may have violated in his Georgia election call

The past 48 hours in Trump’s attempt to steal the election, explained

Trump’s call with Georgia’s secretary of state is a subversion of democracy

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