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2020 Presidential Election

2020 Presidential Election

Vox answers your biggest questions about the 2020 US presidential election.

Alabama’s high-stakes Supreme Court fight over racial gerrymandering, explained

How effective altruism went from a niche movement to a billion-dollar force

The post-legal Supreme Court

10 ways to fix a broken Supreme Court

The Supreme Court just handed down very bad news for Black voters

Democracy in America is a rigged game

The Supreme Court is about to rule on another scary voting rights case

The case against SCOTUS

Clarence Thomas’s long fight against fair and democratic elections

Black voters suffer another significant loss in the Supreme Court

A grand Supreme Court showdown over gerrymandering ends in a whimper

The fate of American elections is in Amy Coney Barrett’s hands

The Supreme Court is not being honest with you

A Trump judge’s new decision would undo more than 50 years of voting rights law

The Supreme Court’s newest attack on voting rights, explained

A new Supreme Court case could make it nearly impossible to stop racial gerrymanders

The hideous legal obstacles facing DOJ’s new anti-gerrymandering lawsuit in Texas

The nihilism of Neil Gorsuch

9 high-stakes issues SCOTUS will take up this term

Texas’s voting bill inspired Democrats to flee. Here’s what made it into law.

Democrats have finally identified the greatest threat to voting rights — the Supreme Court

Raphael Warnock’s plan to neutralize a GOP takeover of Georgia elections, explained

Georgia Republicans didn’t waste any time in using their new voter suppression law

How America lost its commitment to the right to vote

The next voting rights battleground is Michigan

The GOP voting bill that literally caused Texas Democrats to flee the state, explained

3 winners and 3 losers from the just-completed Supreme Court term

The Supreme Court leaves the Voting Rights Act alive — but only barely

The DOJ’s lawsuit against Georgia’s voter suppression law is probably doomed

Joe Manchin’s sweeping new voting rights proposal, explained

There are two kinds of GOP attacks on democracy — and one is much worse

Justice Breyer’s new warning for Democrats couldn’t have come at a worse time

Joe Manchin says he needs Republicans to support voting rights. He found one.

Joe Manchin’s surprisingly bold proposal to fix America’s voting rights problem

The Supreme Court made the GOP’s new voting restrictions possible

Georgia went blue. Can Democrats make it happen elsewhere?

Trump won’t say the one thing that could really calm down his followers

Abolish the lame-duck period

Here are the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump

Trump released a tweet-like statement denouncing violence. He still needs to do more.

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