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2020 Presidential Election: Live

Vox brings you real-time coverage of the 2020 Presidential Election.

2020 House election live results

Trump and Biden are within less than 1 percentage point in Georgia. Vox has live results.

Vox live results: Biden wins Pennsylvania

Vox live results: Republicans lead the race for the Senate majority

Vox live results: Joe Biden wins the presidency

Live results: Nevada inches closer to finishing its vote count

Vox live results: Biden is catching Trump in Pennsylvania as mail ballots are counted

Vox live results: Joe Biden’s path to victory widens

2020 House election live results

Live results: Nevada renewable energy ballot initiative

Live results: Puerto Rico votes in favor of statehood

Live results: Biden wins Michigan

Live results: Biden wins Wisconsin

Live results for Mississippi’s new state flag ballot initiative

Live results: Nevada inches closer to finishing its vote count

Live results: Georgia continues to count ballots in a tight race

Vox live results: Republicans are leading in several close Senate elections

Live results for 2020’s marijuana legalization ballot measures

Live results for California’s Proposition 22 on ride-hailing drivers

Live results for psychedelic drugs ballot initiatives

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