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2020 Presidential Conventions

Vox follows the latest developments and news around the four-day Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention happening in August.

How to watch Kamala Harris’s historic vice presidential nominee acceptance speech

Tuesday’s DNC roll call was a quirky, unexpected delight

Jacquelyn Brittany’s viral elevator moment made her the star of a populist DNC fairy tale

Bill Clinton’s argument for defeating Trump: A new, fairer economy

Read: Jill Biden’s moving DNC speech on Covid-19 and American families

Jill Biden feels America’s pain

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s DNC speech emphasized the need for systemic change

5 winners and 2 losers from night 2 of the Democratic convention

The Democratic platform, explained

“We can’t let things settle down”: George Floyd and Eric Garner’s families call for racial justice at the DNC

Michelle Obama’s superpower is her ability to connect

The DNC’s opening message: The system isn’t broken, it just feels like it

Michelle Obama’s necklace makes her message clear: Vote.

What Michelle Obama’s DNC speech says about America

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Joe Biden’s plan to fix the world

5 winners and 2 losers from the first night of the Democratic National Convention

American carnage

Trump is the “wrong president for our country”: Read Michelle Obama’s full speech

Bernie Sanders makes the progressive case for Joe Biden

The 5 most important words in Michelle Obama’s DNC speech