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2020 Presidential Conventions

Vox follows the latest developments and news around the four-day Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention happening in August.

The pandemic made live events surprising again

Trump’s call with Georgia’s secretary of state is a subversion of democracy

Ted Cruz is spearheading a new GOP effort to overturn the 2020 election

Why Trump’s attempt to steal the election was too much even for Republican judges

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What a second Trump term could mean for LGBTQ people

The pandemic is forcing Democrats to ask: Does knocking on doors work?

The RNC weaponized exhaustion

CNN fact-checked Trump’s RNC speech on air. It took 3 minutes.

Trump’s spent years touting the stock market. At the RNC, he just … didn’t.

Trump, Biden, and the war over American masculinity

The absurdity of Trump’s RNC speech, in one photo

Trump’s RNC speech was a mess. But the optics of it were powerful.

3 winners and 4 losers from the final night of the Republican National Convention

The 3 charts that disprove Donald Trump’s convention speech

Trump was supposed to change the GOP. But the GOP changed him.

Trump used the RNC to gaslight America on Covid-19

Thursday’s Republican National Convention speakers, explained for people who don’t watch Fox News

Trump’s argument about “Joe Biden’s America” is undercut by the fact that he’s in charge

Why so few Republican senators in competitive races spoke at the RNC

Iowa’s Joni Ernst ties her reelection prospects to Trump with speech at the RNC

The most shocking line in Vice President Pence’s 2020 RNC speech 

2 winners and 3 losers from the third night of the Republican National Convention

The RNC and the subtle rot of Trump’s reality TV presidency

Wednesday’s Republican National Convention speakers, explained for people who don’t watch Fox News

US troops aim to stay out of partisan events. Both parties used them as convention props.

Trump failed on the opioid crisis — and Democrats are letting him get away with it

The Hatch Act, the law Trump flouted at the RNC, explained

The contradictory Republican case to Black voters — and why it matters

Eric Trump’s RNC speech had something rare: Policy substance

The bland, boring visuals of the Republican National Convention

Political conventions are where politics and fandom converge. What happens in a pandemic?

2 winners and 3 losers from night 2 of the RNC

The RNC keeps referring to Covid-19 in the past tense. 1,147 American deaths were reported Tuesday.

Trump’s pitch to evangelical voters, explained in one RNC speech

Melania Trump used her RNC speech to defend her husband’s record

Mike Pompeo’s RNC speech will place him as the most partisan secretary of state in decades

The RNC yanked a speaker who promoted an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory

Nick Sandmann, RNC speaker and Covington Catholic video star, explained

Republican National Convention speakers, explained for people who don’t watch Fox News

A loyalty test for the GOP, a reality test for the country

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