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An illustration of a human brain

The mind, explained

A guide to help you better understand your brain.

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Why is human memory so bad? Why do we have so many really weird dreams? And why is anxiety the most common mental disorder?

The human mind might be one of life’s greatest mysteries, but scientists have figured out so much more than you might realize. And starting September 12, we’ll help you understand your own mind better: Our Netflix show Explained is back and we’re starting with 5 new episodes — narrated by Emma Stone — taking you on an adventure through the mind. The episodes will answer your biggest questions on five topics: memory, dreams, anxiety, mindfulness, and psychedelics.

Explained is a show for people who are endlessly curious about the world around them. Here’s our promise: If you give us 15 minutes of your time, we’ll take you from being curious about a big important topic to understanding it.

You can check it out by searching for Explained on Netflix or by clicking here. And read on for some of Vox’s best explainers on the endlessly fascinating human mind — on everything from the rise of anxiety products to how smartphones are changing our brains.