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How India runs the world’s biggest election

What it takes to reach 900 million voters.

India voted to pick its central government for the next five years throughout the spring of 2019. An eighth of the world’s entire population was eligible to vote in this election. That’s 900 million people, and more than 67 percent voted.

India runs the world’s biggest elections, and officials put in a lot of effort to make this democratic exercise as accessible as possible. This means they make sure everyone, even in the most remote locations, is near a polling booth. In India, there is a law that election voting machines must be placed within 2 kilometers of every voter. Officials put in a lot of work to make this happen — even if it meant bringing these machines to voters on an elephant.

This is the latest episode of Vox Borders: India. In this episode, Vox Borders looks at how India pulls off these massive elections.

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