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Avengers: Endgame’s 6 deleted scenes include a Tony Stark tribute and Rocket trolling

Also: Tony Stark has a frank conversation about goji berries and his alpaca.

Captain Marvel and Black Panther honor Tony Stark.
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Not long after surpassing Avatar to become the biggest movie of all time, Avengers: Endgame is now available for purchase (on digital, and on Blu-ray August 13), and its home release comes with six deleted scenes, one of which should have been in the movie.

Spoiler warning: For those who haven’t seen the movie, which first hit theaters in April, now’s the time to check out.

Of those scenes, the most significant one involves the Avengers honoring Tony Stark/Iron Man by taking a knee. It appears the scene was going to take place right after Tony’s death. Pepper Potts and Peter Parker say goodbye to Tony, followed by the remaining Avengers paying their respects to Tony’s sacrifice:

It’s a great scene, which raises the question of why it wasn’t included in the movie. It could be because of one shot where Gamora awkwardly slinks off as the Avengers are having a somber moment (keep in mind this is the Gamora from the past, who has no connection to the currents Avengers). Maybe her seeming callousness during such an emotional moment was just a little too awkward for the movie itself. There’s also a similar sequence featuring all the Avengers during Tony’s funeral, which could have been redundant with this scene.

The other deleted scenes aren’t quite as heavy — most of them feature throwaway jokes from Rocket Raccoon. In one, he laughs at the Avengers for having such a hard time with the Chitauri invasion in 2012 (as seen in the first Avengers film) — Rocket says the Chitauri are the “suckiest army in the galaxy” and that anyone should have known to destroy the mother ship. Another shows Rocket trying to get Thor focused for their mission in Asgard, and there’s one with War Machine asking Cap the logical question: Why didn’t jump off Cap the plane he crashed in Captain America: The First Avenger?

The other two scenes involve a post-Snap, post-five-year-time-jump Tony Stark. These are mostly innocuous: Tony talks to Pepper about goji berries, affirming that he’s adopted an artisanal, man-of-the-woods lifestyle and given up the superhero life for good. And the final scene is of Tony and his dad Howard (who doesn’t know Tony is his time-traveling son) talking to each other prior to saying goodbye; it seems to be very similar to the one we see in the movie, with the only difference being that there’s a little bit more dialogue that was cut.

Fans will notice that the Hulk’s rescue scene, which was added during Endgame’s theatrical rerelease, does not appear. Marvel had originally called it an “unfinished deleted scene” and said it would be a theatrical exclusive. Meanwhile, Endgame’s digital release also comes with a look at the dummy scripts that Marvel used to help avoid spoilers; tributes to Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow; a gag reel; and five featurettes, including a tribute to the late Stan Lee.