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Larry the Cat, UK’s “chief mouser,” caused a brief headache for Trump’s security team

A cat’s gotta nap when a cat’s gotta nap.

Larry the Downing Street cat plays with bunting in the garden of number 10 Downing Street on June 1, 2012 in London, England.
Larry the Downing Street cat plays with bunting in the garden of No. 10 Downing Street on June 1, 2012, in London.
Ki Price/WPA-Pool/Getty Images

President Donald Trump has just encountered the first real complication of his important London visit: a sleepy cat.

During Trump’s Tuesday visit to 10 Downing Street, which serves as the office and residence of UK Prime Minister Theresa May, a cat decided to lie down underneath the president’s limo, known as “the Beast.”

But it wasn’t some ordinary cat — it was Larry, the “chief mouser” of Downing Street, who has lasted longer in the building than some British leaders.

Larry’s main role, I kid you not, is to catch mice in the area and to look cute before, during, and after official remarks on the steps of the residence. And according to the British government’s website, he’s clearly one of the most respected officials working on behalf of the people.

“Larry was recruited from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home on recommendation for his mousing skills. He joined the Number 10 household and has made a significant impact,” his official bio reads. “Larry spends his days greeting guests to the house, inspecting security defenses and testing antique furniture for napping quality.”

But it seems Larry overstepped his boundaries a little bit. The important cat’s decision to relax below Trump’s heavily armored vehicle meant that it couldn’t drive until Larry decided to leave. But Larry refused, leading some journalists waiting outside to joke about the “huge security issue.”

It’s possible Larry just wants some attention, since May is solely focused on Trump right now. Here he is sitting on a windowsill watching the president and prime minister greet each other, probably plotting his eventual under-limo nap.

But don’t lose sight of what Larry has achieved: Thousands of protesters descended on London in hopes of stopping Trump’s motorcade from rolling. They failed, though, allowing Trump so far to travel around the city unimpeded.

Which means Larry had more success giving Trump’s security team a headache — albeit a very small one — on Tuesday than any of the demonstrators in the British capital.

That feat alone is worthy of the title “chief mouser.”

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