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Recode Daily: How to follow Recode’s Code Conference today

Plus: Why Amazon is going to be one of the winners of the streaming video wars.

The 2019 Code Conference is located in Scottsdale, AZ.

Our annual Code Conference kicks off today. This year, we are in Arizona for two days of hard-hitting, unscripted interviews with special guests like Facebook executives Adam Mosseri and Andrew Bosworth, Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy, Fair Fight founder Stacey Abrams, Netflix VP of Original Content Cindy Holland, Russian Doll star Natasha Lyonne, and Medium CEO Ev Williams, among others.

And that’s just the beginning of our jam-packed schedule. Mary Meeker will be back with her much-anticipated Internet Trends Report for 2019. (You can watch last year’s presentation on YouTube.) If you are in Arizona, we’ll see you very soon. If you can’t be here in person, here’s how to follow everything happening on the Code 2019 stage:

Watch the full interviews

Each and every onstage interview will be available to watch in full on Recode’s YouTube channel in the coming days.

Get live updates and breaking news

Follow Recode on Twitter so you don’t miss a beat. We’ll be live-tweeting our onstage interviews using #CodeCon. We’ll also feature some exclusive behind-the-scenes highlights from the conference on Instagram.

And of course, check your inbox

We are packing in more than 30 interviews, presentations, and live podcast tapings this year, plus all the up-to-the-minute coverage you know and love from Recode. Each morning, we’ll be sending out a daily recap in this newsletter on the biggest moments from the conference.

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Also coming up at Code today:

Stacey Abrams is leading the debate on some of the most important political issues in 2019. Abrams made history as the first black woman to run for governor under a major party in 2018. Now, she’s the founder of Fair Fight Action, a new voting rights organization devoted to battling voter suppression across the US. Abrams and the CEO of Fair Fight Action, Lauren Groh-Wargo, will join Recode co-founder and editor-at-large Kara Swisher and Vox founder and editor-at-large Ezra Klein onstage at Code to talk about voting rights and the other political causes Abrams is advocating for.
[Shirin Ghaffary / Recode]

Harley-Davidson CEO Matthew Levatich is leading an all-American company through a global trade war. Kara Swisher will discuss with Levatich how his company became a central figure in a debate about global trade, taxes, and manufacturing. After a Republican-led Congress passed tax cuts in 2017 that lowered corporate tax rates predicated on the promise that the cuts would encourage US companies to grow their American workforce, Harley-Davidson ended up shifting production of many of its motorcycles overseas. The company cited the Trump administration’s trade policies as the reason for some of the changes. In response, President Trump took to Twitter to express his differing perspectives.[Shirin Ghaffary / Recode]

Andy Jassy is the most powerful Amazon executive not named Jeff. Jassy is the head of Amazon Web Services, the most powerful cloud computing company in the world. AWS counts Google, Microsoft, and legacy enterprise software companies like Oracle as its competition. And in recent months, the company has faced controversy over selling its services to Palantir, which does business with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and for marketing its facial recognition software, Rekognition, to police and other law enforcement agencies. Jassy will discuss all this and more with Kara Swisher onstage at Code on Monday.
[Jason Del Rey / Recode]

What’s wrong with the current stock market? Maybe it’s time for a reset. Vox’s editor-at-large Ezra Klein will talk with Eric Ries, the head of the Long-Term Stock Exchange. Ries is building the LTSE, a modern stock exchange that competes with the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange and targets tech entrepreneurs who want to run a public company but find the incumbents too unfriendly. Last month, the US Securities and Exchange Commission officially approved the LTSE.
[Theodore Schleifer / Recode]

Top Stories from Recode

Why Amazon is going to be one of the winners of the streaming video wars.

A small number of companies will win the streaming “battle royale,” says former Amazon Studios strategist Matthew Ball on Recode Media. Amazon is “guaranteed” to be one of them.
[Peter Kafka]

Foreign tech workers are turning to Canada as US immigration becomes more difficult.

The share of foreign interest in Canadian jobs grew more than 50 percent in the past four years, according to the job site Indeed.
[Rani Molla]

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Forget the farmer’s market. Atlanta has a seven-acre edible forest.

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