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US Navy investigates a hidden camera found on ship in a women’s bathroom

A marine discovered a hidden recording device in March.

Fleet Week In New York City Starts With Annual Parade Of Ships
The USS Arlington in New York City’s 2018 Fleet Week.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The US Navy is currently investigating a report from a female marine who said she found a hidden “recording device” in the women’s bathroom of the USS Arlington. The marine found the device, reportedly a hidden camera, in March NBC News reports.

Speaking with Stars and Stripes, Commander Kyle Raines said the Navy takes reports of sexual harassment seriously.

“The command has taken, and will continue to take, all necessary actions to ensure the safety and privacy of the victim,” Raines said.

This isn’t the first time military personnel have raised the issue of hidden cameras aboard a US Navy ship in recent years.

Back in 2015, the Navy Times reported on an elaborate “illicit filming” operation on the USS Wyoming in which male sailors would allegedly keep watch for superiors as their confederates secretly filmed female colleagues in places like shower changing rooms. The male sailors reportedly used banned devices such as cell phones to carry out the filming. Recording went on for 10 months before the sailors were discovered. Eight of the involved sailors were court-martialed.

A 2018 RAND report found problems of sexual harassment to be a problem for the Navy. The report looked at sexual harassment and assault in all four branches of the US military, and found sailors to be at the greatest risk of sexual misconduct.

Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) is currently investigating the camera found on the Arlington, which is currently docked in Greece. NCIS officials have said they cannot comment on ongoing investigations.

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