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#KaraJack: All the tweets from Kara Swisher’s live interview with Jack Dorsey — in order

Swisher interviewed the Twitter CEO live on Twitter about the platform, elections — and how hard it is to do an interview on Twitter.

Henry Dombey for Recode

Kara Swisher, the self-described “grumpy lady of tech” (and Recode’s editor at large), took to Twitter on Tuesday to indulge the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, in a 90-minute interview conducted entirely in tweets using the hashtag #KaraJack.

The two discussed everything from how the Twitter CEO graded himself as a CEO (he gave himself a C; Swisher said she’d give him an F), to how Twitter is preparing to combat misinformation on the platform, to how he is putting physical safety as the company’s “top priority” for Twitter users who become targets for comments on the service.

But if Twitter wants to be the place where the most important public conversations online are happening, Swisher and Dorsey’s chat showed that it’s still hard to hold a productive conversation — uninterrupted — on Twitter. Dorsey acknowledged as much at the end of the interview, tweeting: “This thread was hard. But we got to learn a ton to fix it. Need to make this feel a lot more cohesive and easier to follow. Was extremely challenging.”

We chronologically compiled the full interview in two Twitter Moments. Check it out below:

The continued conversation:

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