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California bowling alley shooting: what we know

At least three people are dead and four injured after shots broke out late Friday night.

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At least three people are dead and four injured after shots rang out at a California bowling alley late Friday night.

The shooting took place at The Gable House Bowl, a bowling alley and event space located in the coastal city of Torrance, California, just outside Los Angeles. The Torrance Police Department has launched a homicide investigation, however no suspects or motives behind the shooting have been announced.

The story is still developing. Here’s what we know, and don’t, so far.

What we know:

  • Torrance police said they responded to reports of “shots fired with multiple victims down,” at 11:54 pm, local time.
  • The police department confirmed that they arrived at the scene to find multiple victims with gunshot wounds inside the bowling alley, including three men dead and another four injured.
  • None of the victims worked at the venue.
  • Two of the injured victims were sent to a local hospital; the other two sought out medical care on their own.
  • Witnesses say the shooting stemmed from a fight that broke out among two groups of people, The Guardian reports. Police have not yet confirmed what started the shooting.
  • The Gable House Bowl is a bowling alley and party space that also hosts laser tag, a full arcade, food and drinks. On weekends, the space is open until 3 am.

What we don’t know:

  • The identity of the shooter(s) involved
  • The gunman’s (or gunmen’s) motives
  • The victims’ identities