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I’m Sorry

truTV returns to well-trod ground, but with very funny people

I’m Sorry truTV

What’s this? A show about funny people? In Los Angeles? Starring a comedian? Yes, truTV’s I’m Sorry definitely has the feeling of having been there and done that, going back 17 years (roughly to when Curb Your Enthusiasm kicked off the “comedians living in Los Angeles and saying funny things about it” boom). But it also has two aces in the hole: Andrea Savage and Tom Everett Scott. The former is the series’ co-creator and its star. She’s been the funny supporting player in lots and lots of projects, but given the chance to take center stage, you might wonder why she hasn’t been cast as a lead more often. Scott, meanwhile, plays her beleaguered husband, but he makes that role feel like more than a type, as when he attempts to keep Andrea’s friends from mingling with his work friends, so that his work friends might still think he’s the funny one. It’s low-concept and mostly goofy. But it knows what it is, and has great fun hitting its marks.

“This is, for better or worse, a going style of comedy, which has the shape of biting satire but no teeth. I’m Sorry is certainly a more satisfying example of this genre.” Troy Patterson, The New Yorker

Metacritic score: N/A (64 out of 100 for season one)

Where to watch: New episodes of I’m Sorry air Wednesdays at 10 pm Eastern on TruTV. The first season is available on Netflix.